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πŸ“‚ Property Document Management FAQ
πŸ“‚ Property Document Management FAQ
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πŸ’‘Edwix effortlessly collects, organizes, and stores your documents, whether they're forwarded from your mailbox or uploaded directly into the application.

1. How exactly does smart document management work?

Smart document management with Edwix is based on advanced technology powered by artificial intelligence. Once received, Edwix organizes your documents intuitively, making them easier to search and access.

Thanks to AI, Edwix can extract relevant information from your documents, such as the type of document, payment due dates, or associated contacts, to make your work easier.

Once the information is extracted, you have the option to validate that the information matches the document. If the AI makes a mistake, you are able to correct it.

Documents are then automatically filed in the corresponding folder.

2. What documents should I upload to Edwix?

On Edwix, you can upload a variety of documents related to personal real estate management. Here are some categories of documents you might consider uploading:

  • Property information: Titles of ownership, house plans, real estate appraisals, etc.

  • Equipment info: User manuals, warranties, service contracts for household appliances and systems such as heating or air conditioning.

  • Contracts: Rental contracts, service agreements, contracts with real estate agents, etc.

  • Invoices: Electricity, water, gas, service bills, etc.

  • Permits: Building permits, occupancy certificates, etc.

  • Tax documents: Documents related to property taxes, tax returns, etc.

  • Correspondence: Any communication with real estate agents, tenants, municipal services, etc.

By uploading these documents to Edwix, you allow the AI assistant to analyze and extract relevant information to assist you in the daily management of your property.

However, the final decision on which documents to upload is up to you, depending on your needs and what you want to manage via Edwix.

3. What do the different document statuses mean?

The different statuses of the documents on Edwix indicate the stage of processing or verification of each document. Here's what each status means:

  • Uploaded: This status means the document has been added to Edwix, whether by directly uploading it from the app or by transferring it from another source. The document has not yet undergone any processing or analysis by Edwix's AI.

  • Error: There was an issue uploading the document. Verify that the document is the correct file type and try to re-upload

  • Processing: Once uploaded, the document is analyzed by Edwix's artificial intelligence to extract relevant information. During this phase, Edwix identifies and categorizes the information contained in the document.

  • To Review: After the initial processing, the document is available for manual verification. This step allows you to correct any potential AI errors with just a few clicks.

  • Completed: This status indicates that you have verified the document, and no further action is required. The extracted information has been validated, and the document is properly organized in your Edwix space.

4. Can I synchronize my documents with my storage service?

Indeed, Edwix was designed to allow you to synchronize your documents with your favorite cloud storage service, like Google Drive or iCloud Drive.

Google Drive sync has been integrated, with Apple iCloud Drive and Microsoft OneDrive to follow!

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